The Ghana Oil Palm Growers, Processing and Marketing Association was first formed in 2018 under the company’s code 1963 (Act 179). The organization was registered to refocus specifically on the needs of smallholder oil palm growers, processors, and marketers in the southern zones of Ghana. The Association recognizes the important role smallholder oil palm producers, processors and marketers play and the many challenges they face working in a fragmented uncoordinated way. The association believes that the potential of these small-scale oil palm players can be harnessed for maximum oil palm outputs if they are given the necessary capacity building and support. The association is, therefore, an umbrella organization comprising of over 15,000 smallholder oil palm producers, processors, and marketers and serves as the mouthpiece for these groups.


To contribute towards the attainment of a sustainable, efficient and competitive oil palm industry in Ghana.


To mobilize the capacity of small-scale oil palm growers for economic growth.

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  • To mobilize all small-scale oil palm growers, processors and marketers under one umbrella to gain insight in oil palm policies.
  • To advocate for best practices/capacity development and improved oil palm value chain that enhances the capacity and the competitiveness of the small-scale oil palm growers, processors, and marketers.
  • To advocate for improved standard and regulation that shall guide the operation of the small-scale oil palm growers, processors, and marketers.

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